The Saber is a very large dildo that is both simple and unique in its kind! First discovery of the Organotoy brand.

Shopping experience

I discovered the Organotoy brand in 2021 during my research for alternatives to Bad Dragon in Europe. I was immediately captivated by the Saber model!
Undecided on the size to choose (S or L), I contacted them by Instagram to find out if they had a comparative photo of the models next to each other. And almost a year later (the idea still in the back of my mind), I contacted them again to help me choose the color and I finally decided to place an order (Size L).

Rather impatient to receive my order, I asked them (still via Instagram) for an estimated time to receive my order. Announced for the end of the month I was rather surprised at such a delay (~1 month) and I question them about it. Here is their translated response:

After it returns from ex QC, it will be unpacked, packed and shipped (usually takes 2 days)

Ex-QC? What is that ? External Quality Control actually consists of sending the product to an independent laboratory that certifies ISO 3533:2021 compliance. So here I am reassured and much more understanding of the deadlines.

In conclusion: Lexa (Instagram) from Organotoy was able to answer all my questions perfectly by giving me quick, precise and complete answers. I recommend ! I advise you to follow their Instagram if you hesitate on a model or colors, it is one of their photos that decided me.


Receipt of the package

Your order arrives in a (large) neutral box (which probably won’t fit in your mailbox! :-)). The dildo comes in a transparent plastic packaging that allows you to say to yourself right away: Wow, it’s big, very big! And beautiful, very beautiful!


The Saber dildo is available in 2 sizes: S and L.
I myself took the size L but this choice is up to you!

Size nameSizeDiameter at base
S59.94 cm5.99 cm
L60.96 cm7.87 cm


In use, the dildo turns out to be both easy and not easy to use.

Let me explain: the rounded tip allows easy entry and the rest of the dildo widens very gradually which provides gentle penetration and a gradual and delicate feeling of filling. So much for the easy side.

What’s not easy? Well, the dildo being very far from being rigid, I had a lot of trouble at first getting this tip into a position other than lying down. I still have a little pain today but much less. The trick is above all to manage to relax as much as possible to facilitate sliding. The other difficulty related to its non-rigidity and that it becomes difficult to hold it by the head to exert force on it as soon as you have put lubricant on this part. You must therefore take a lower grip, which then also becomes slippery if you have lubricant on your hands.

The dildo is also equipped with a very effective suction cup that will prevent it from moving horizontally.

With a little practice you will find your technique to master the object!



The sensations offered by the Saber respond rather well to a filling role. On the other hand, I found the sensations of friction rather discreet or at least difficult to obtain because of the excessive flexibility of the dildo. The care given by Organotoy to customer relations and the manufacturing quality of the product should be highlighted very positively. This is not a product that I use regularly but enjoy every time.

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