Tests of the best XXL dildos

Hello and welcome ! I will offer you on this site my opinions on different dildos selected by me. The particularity ? The detail is in the name “Big Good Dildos”!

Big: XXL dildos that won’t leave you indifferent

I want to focus only on large products, so you will find most of these types of products in the available tests. However, I am not closed to more “standard” size dildos.

Good: Materials that are safe for health

Like many, I discovered the world of sex toys not wanting to spend a fortune on it. Thus, I found myself buying cheap dildos on sites such as Amazon or Aliexpress where you can find everything (and especially anything). The problem is that the products that are sold on these platforms have rather vague descriptions and are most of the time made with materials that are not very clean for health.

That’s why you will only find quality, body-safe dildos on this site.

Dildos: Dildos, but not only?

Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, so they will be the main focus of my testing. However, I do not refrain from adding other types of products to the list of my tests, while remaining in the field of sexuality.