Pure Wand

Just like me, you may have been told about the Njoy Pure Wand as the miracle toy to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate. Is it deserved? Let's see !


The packaging is rather neat and consistent with a premium product. The storage box makes it possible to store the object without risking damaging it (or damaging something else), which is very appreciable. A small booklet presenting the other products of the brand is also present.


The design is really beautiful, very refined and above all well thought out. Indeed, the design has been thought above all for use on the P-spot / G-spot. Two balls of different sizes can be used according to use or preferences.


The Pure Wand is made of high quality stainless steel, for a total weight of 680g. An object without any health risk!


Only one size is available. The object is 20cm long, the small ball is 25mm in diameter and the largest 38mm.

Size nameSizeDiameter at headDiameter at base
Unique20 cm2.5 cm3.8 cm


Far from the flexibility of silicone, the object is to be handled with care, it is indeed easy to hurt yourself on too sudden a movement.
Steel will please for its rigidity but also for its ability to become hot or cold according to your desire.


In use, the dildo offers very pleasant sensations on the prostate. The heavy weight of the object can cause fatigue problems, but several positions can be used to remedy this.
It is advisable to make movements that are neither too large nor too fast to avoid injury.


The Pure Wand is a convincing object which for my part keeps its promises regarding the P-spot.
It will simply be necessary to pay attention to its handling because of its high weight.

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