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The BFG dildo by Mr. Hankey's Toys was the first "real" dildo I bought myself. Curious to know if the price difference was justified, I was not disappointed! The sensations are much more pleasant than a cheap dildo, and the touch is very natural. Oh, and the size too...


The packaging goes straight to the point. The dildo is covered with a transparent plastic packaging, itself placed in a neutral cardboard box. We therefore see upon receipt what our dildo looks like. A Mr Hankey’s Toys sticker is also included in the package. A more careful packaging would give a more premium image, but on the other hand, we also have less waste. Conclusion: why not?



With a beautiful curved design, it is a premium product with rounded shapes and a few scales providing texture.

The dildo is available in its basic colors* in:

  • “Natural Tan”, which corresponds to a “tanned skin” color,
  • “Deep Brown” which corresponds to a dark brown,
  • “Black”, simply black.

* Only by ordering from, it is possible to customize your dildo with colors of your choice. Most retailers (unfortunately) currently only offer one version of the dildo (texture and color).



Unlike entry-level dildos, the manufacturer only uses certified skin-safe silicone for its products.

An excerpt from their FAQ:

The silicone used in our products is made in the USA and certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10. Biological evaluation of medical devices, part 10, tests for irritation and skin sensitization. This does not mean that our silicone is medical grade; you shouldn’t surgically implant a dildo into someone’s chest. This means that it can be brought into contact with human skin without fear of adverse effects. For example, prostheses can use this type of silicone.

Silicone toy manufacturers do not use real medical grade silicone for toys, not the type that can be surgically implanted. In fact, most toy manufacturers don’t use certified skin-safe silicone. Unless they can say it’s ISO certified skin safe, they really don’t know. You can view our most recent test results here. We regularly test our products for contaminants and/or harmful chemicals or substances.




The BFG dildo is available in several sizes: Medium, Large, XL and XXL

Size nameSizeUsable sizeHead CircumferenceCircumference at the middleCircumference at the baseCircumference at the knot
MEDIUM27.94 cm25.40 cm15.24 cm19.69 cm21.59 cm25.40 cm
LARGE30.48 cm27.94 cm16.51 cm20.96 cm22.86 cm26.67 cm
XL33.02 cm30.48 cm18.42 cm22.23 cm25.40 cm30.48 cm
XXL36.20 cm33.02 cm19.69 cm24.77 cm27.94 cm32.39 cm


The dildo has several areas with very different shapes and sensations. The material is very soft and the shapes, which are all more or less rounded, are very pleasant.

The dildo is available in two firmnesses: 75% Soft and Medium. The first corresponds to the firmness of a 75/80% erect penis, the second to 100%. Retailers generally offer a single firmness (75% Soft).
It is also possible (only from the manufacturer’s website), to order two other firmnesses: 40% and Extra Firm.

For my part, the model tested is 75% Soft and I found the firmness ideal and very realistic.



In use, this dildo offers very pleasant filling sensations. It is also able to stimulate the prostate by strong friction thanks to its curved shape.
The passage of the head is felt at first because of the crown around the head but ends up being forgotten with the increasing width of the rest of the dildo.
The “spine” of the dildo, although visually very pretty, is not very present in terms of sensations.
The bottom node is quite a challenge, the landing being quite large to cross. Moreover, this one being very close to the base, it tends to crush (and suddenly widen), making the passage difficult.



This BFG dildo is my first purchase from this brand and turns out to be a real favorite. Particularly appreciating the rounded shapes and the feeling of filling, it fulfills its role to perfection.

I can’t wait to test the other models that catch my eye!

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